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Mockup of Baraka's web design presented on a blue background with pot illustrations
Mockup of Baraka's web design presented on a blue background with pot illustrations

Project Overview


Baraka’s current website doesn’t represent accurately the image of the brand as a whole. They want to present themselves in a caring and sustainable way.

My Role

  • Re-Branding
  • UX Research
  • UI Design
  • Graphic Design


Baraka wants to share how it engages with the environment and the local community. The company is looking forward to giving educational resources for their following base.


Baraka is a natural wellness company located in Sonoma, California. Their main service is to treat allergies in a natural way. Baraka wants to promote a natural and sustainable way of living.

Brand Strategy

Baraka’s original website

Who is the target user?

Baraka’s target user are people who currently suffer allergies and didn’t have much success using traditional allergy methods. Baraka is also targeting people who want to have a responsible consumption of material goods.

What problem are we trying to solve?

Baraka’s original image doesn’t reflect the company’s value. To reflect the desired target user, Baraka wants to educate users about the company’s impact on the environment and local communities.

How are different?

Baraka’s message goes beyond offering natural alternatives for allergies. We want to represent involvement in the community and sustainable practices.

How do we want to be seen by users?

Sustainable, caring, engaged, natural, healthy.

User Pain Points

  • Not clear information about the product
  • Absence of information about how natural wellness products could positively affect them
  • Unorganized information
A person laying down on a white couch cleaning their nose
Set of 3 different Personas with different background colors and an illustration 

Target Audience

The target audience we want to reach is people into sustainability causes, products, and brands. Alternatively, we want to get people that are open to trying natural alternative medicine methods.To make a user-centered design, we created personas. The creation of personas helped us design with specific pain points in mind and be mindful of the impact we want to make with our message.


Lara Turner Persona information
Charlie Turner Persona information

User Journey

Charlie Perez User Journey


Picture of a person shaping clay into a pot


Baraka bases his production on essential oils and pottery to treat allergy problems. Their niche relies on sustainability and natural wellness. To conduct a competitive audit, we separated our direct competitors and indirect ones. For our direct competitors, we found companies such as Edens Garden, Revive, and earthhero. These companies offer similar products that are themed around natural wellness and sustainability.

Here are some of the most relevant finds that we had:   
   They all emphasize the positive change they are creating   
   They hold pervasive information on the main page   
   The Mobile versions are often cluttered

For our indirect competitors, we found companies with different offerings but focus on the same audience. For our indirect competitors, we saw companies such as Guayaki, Patagonia, and whole foods.

Here are some of the most relevant finds we had:    
   They all emphasize their engagement with local communities    
   Their websites reflect their relationship with nature    
   Their websites are not cluttered and fully responsive

User Flow

Baraka's user flow


Low-fidelity Designs

Baraka's pen and paper wireframe
Baraka’s home page digital wireframe
Baraka’s home page digital wireframe
Baraka's learn page wireframe
Baraka’s home page digital wireframe gif

High-fidelity Designs

Baraka's home screen high-fidelity digital wireframe
Baraka’s home page high-fidelity digital wireframe
Baraka’s home page digital high-fidelity wireframe
Baraka's learn page high-fidelity wireframe
Baraka’s home page digital high-fidelity wireframe gif


Baraka's Mobile version mockup

Final Thoughts

Baraka rebranding was a fascinating project to be part of while it lasted. Unfortunately, due to budgeting, this project couldn’t make it into development.The rebranding included a new logo with their most beloved product, the Neti pot. The color palette I adopted for this project is based on earthy and natural colors that follow the brand philosophy. The type chosen was Eczar for titles and Lato for text. The color pairings were evaluated with web accessibility in mind.

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