Kids Again

— Non-profit organization

Mockup of Baraka's web design presented on a blue background with pot illustrations
Mockup of Kids Again's web design presented on a yellow background with star illustrations

Project Overview


Kids Again haven’t established themselves as a foundation and want to spread awareness and help in a fun, engaging way to give users an approachable image.

My Role

  • Branding
  • UX Research
  • UI Design
  • Graphic Design


Design Kids Again website to spread awareness, help victims of abuse and attract donations.


Kids Again is a non-profit organization focused on aiding young victims of sexual support. Kids Again want to portray themselves in a positive light, reflecting further hope in healing.

Brand Strategy

Kids Again Foundation Logo

Who is the target user?

We want to aim towards guardians, caregivers, and ex victims of sexual abuse. The target user is adults that can become more aware of this problem and help someone in need. Either redirect them to the foundation or providing financial help to fund the available programs.

What problem are we trying to solve?

We aim to aid victims of sexual abuse and spread awareness. As a non-profit foundation, we want to shed light on a very severe problem. To achieve this, we want to be seen as personable and approachable.

How are different?

We want to be more than just an informative outlet. We are trying to promote physical activity programs as a form of therapy, among other types of programs. We want to present our company views in a fun and hopeful way to users.

How do we want to be seen by users?

Reliable, hopeful, engaging, personable, approachable, honest.

User Pain Points

  • Lack of information about childhood sexual abuse
  • Absence of programs that aid victims of sexual abuse locally in Sonoma, CA 
  • Unclear donation path
Portrait of a young infant smiling.
Set of 3 different Personas with different background colors and an illustration 

Target Audience

The target audience we want to reach is people that are, know, or were victims of sexual abuse during childhood.Our main objective is to reach our target audience and spread awareness or get donations to support ongoing programs.To make a user-centered design, created personas. The creation of personas helped us design with specific pain points in mind and be mindful of the impact we want to make with our message.


Faiza Mir Persona information
Charlie Turner Persona information

User Journey

Faiza Mir User Journey


Kids playing indoors


Since we are talking about a non-profit foundation, we must establish “competition” in a non-capitalist sense. When we talk about competition, we refer to other organizations that are after the same values.We gathered from the research that most organizations are fighting against sexual child abuse approach this problem from an informative perspective. Most of the websites available act as a resource outlet, redirecting the user to other institutions.
This is a sum of the competitive audit findings:

    Most of them gather and synthesize information from legal and psychological sources.
    They talk all in a neutral/informative tone.
    Most of them are country-wide targeted. Thus, finding information about local organizations becomes a challenging task.
    Since most all of them have a vast audience and primarily act as an information outlet, finding in-site programs is almost impossible

User Flow

Kids Again user flow


Low-fidelity Designs

Kids Again pen and paper wireframe
Kids Again home page digital wireframe
Kids Again donation page digital wireframe
Kids Again learn page wireframe
Baraka’s home page digital wireframe gif

High-fidelity Designs

Kids Again home screen high-fidelity digital wireframe
Kids Again home page high-fidelity digital wireframe
Kids Again donation page digital high-fidelity wireframe
Kids Again page high-fidelity wireframe
Kids Again home page digital high-fidelity wireframe gif


Kids Again Mobile version mockup

Final Thoughts

Kids Again was a genuinely fulfilling project. Knowing that I was part of a very noble cause makes me both happy and proud.Kids Again wanted to distinguish itself from similar non-profit foundations by presenting a positive atmosphere. We wanted to show pictures of happy kids to inspire a hopeful future. Because of this aspect, the color choice is lively, and the typeface used is Poppins.

Thank you for your time!

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