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Mockup of Remo app designs presented on a purple background with the brand logo on the side
Mockup of Remo app designs presented on a purple background with the brand logo on the side

Project Overview


Remo is an app focused on remote job listings.The main goal of this app is to create an easy user flow for users to apply and administer job applications.

My Role

  • Branding
  • UX Research
  • UI Design
  • Illustrations


Remo requires an accessible app for users. The main goal of this app is to design a job application system. Since Remo’s target users are digital nomads, users must apply comfortably from their phones and access their job application status.


Remo’s application is created from scratch. With this freedom of design, it is imperative to make a clean and straightforward interface to apply and review job applications.

Brand Strategy

Person sitting at an outside table with their laptop computer

Who is the target user?

Remo target users are digital nomads and people that prefer remote work.

What problem are we trying to solve?

Most job listings don’t specify upfront about remote employment opportunities. Remo is concentrating those remote positions in just one app to save user searching time.

How are different?

Remo is trying to provide users the opportunity to apply just from their phones. Remo job applications can be completed entirely on the phone. This feature provides users the opportunity to apply to jobs from anywhere.

How do we want to be seen by users?

Unique, considerate, creative, efficient.

User Pain Points

  • Users spend a lot of time just trying to find remote position job listings.
  • Most job applications are lengthy and complicated
  • Most apps redirect you to external pages to apply for jobs
Picture of a person dressed in pink, smiling at the camera
Set of 3 different Personas with different background colors and the Remo logo

Target Audience

Remo target audiences are digital nomads or people wishing to work remotely.This app should help the target audience apply for jobs from their phone. Thus, the app should do the whole process, from applying to jobs to getting accepted to an interview.


Fabian Rossi Persona information
Alyssa Kelly Persona information

User Journey

Alyssa Kelly User Journey


Adult working with a computer from bed with an infant looking at it 


Remo is an employment marketplace that provides job listings for remote positions. They cater mainly to digital nomads or people that don’t want to commute to a workplace to work.To gather information about the competition, I separated them into two types: direct and indirect.Between the direct competitors, I found companies such as Upwork, workfromanywhere,, and flexjobs. These companies offer remote job listings for users. Here are the most relevant finds: Not all of them offer mobile apps. Almost all of them make users apply externally. Some of them do not have an easy user flow.For the indirect competitors, I based my research on other job market outlets. These companies selected to provide the same services as Remo but with a different approach. The companies chosen as indirect competitors were indeed, ziprecruiter, careerbuilder, snagjobs. The most relevant finds among these competitors were:  They all offer a clear CTA  They all separate the critical points of a job post into categories such as description, requirements, benefits, etc.  They all offer apps.

User Flow

Remo user flow


Research Goals

Discover how users interact with the app when they need to complete the user flow.Find user pain points.

Research Questions

How long does it take for someone to find and apply for a job?What can we learn from the steps users take to view job listings and apply to them?

Key Performance Indicators

Time on task
User error rates
Conversion rates

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A person sitting in wheelchair smiling at a computer 


Moderated usability study
Location: the United States and Argentina, remote (participants will go through the usability study in their own homes)
Sessions took place on August 07, August 08 for the first round of usability studies. The second round of usability studies took place on August 11 and August 12.
Five Participants completed a job application through a prototype.
Each session lasted 30 minutes and included an introduction, a list of tasks, and a short questionnaire.


Two usability studies were performed remotely with participants from the US and Argentina.
The first round was performed on August 07 and August 08, 2021. The study was done using low fidelity prototypes made in Figma.
The second round of usability studies was made on August 11 and August 12, 2021. Insights and user pain points were taken from the first round to iterate over the design and re-test them. This second usability study used high-fidelity prototypes.

Round 1 Key findings

All users felt concerned about what each step of the application meant in terms of expectations.
Most users remarked that job positions should show if an application is meant to be applied only by USA citizens/residents since a lot of job opportunities come from the USA and often present that barrier.
Few users said incomplete applications should be saved as a draft.

Round 2 Key findings

Most users said that approved job applications should be presented at the top of the page to be up to date without navigating the app extensively.
Most users state that they want to see the job description even after they apply and the post is expired. This is presented as a pain point since the users wouldn’t know the company’s requirements/benefits if they get approved for an interview.
Some users express that it would be helpful for them to have notifications from the app on the home screen not to miss anything out.

A person sitting in a chair on the beach with a phone on hand and smiling at the camera
Mockups samples from before and after usability studies


Low-fidelity Designs

Remo pen and paper set of wireframes
Remo search page digital wireframe
Remo job post page digital wireframe
Remo application and confirmation page digital wireframe

Low-fidelity Prototypes

Remo prototype flow
Remo prototype gif

High-fidelity Designs

Remo high-fidelity home page mockup
Remo high-fidelity wireframe
Remo job post page high-fidelity wireframe
Remo application and confirmation page high-fidelity wireframe

Low-fidelity Prototypes

Remo high-fidelity prototype flow
Remo high-fidelity prototype mockup


Remo home page mockup

Final Thoughts

Remo is my most recently finished project. It was enjoyable and dynamic to design it. I thought it would be a highly complex project; it turned out to be fun and organized. This concept app relies on the idea of finding a remote job, which is gaining more popularity every day in the job market. The logo was created based on the location + wifi concept, which could represent the idea of remote work.Through the app, the colors are soothing, and white is added to focus points, such as forms and job postings. The colors were tested based on accessibility standards. Thank you so much for taking the time to go through my case study!

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