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Mockup of Tony's app design presented on a black background with a cow illustrations
Mockup of Tony's app design presented on a black background with a cow illustration

Project Overview


Tony Steakhouse needs an app. The main goal of this app is to allow users to make reservations through it.

My Role

  • Branding
  • UX Research
  • UI Design


Tony Steakhouse requires an accessible app for users. The main goal of this app is to design a reservation system. Since TS has guests from worldwide, it is essential to provide the service in their chosen language.


Tony Steakhouse is a high-end restaurant located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their menu revolves around a fusion of Argentine and Italian cuisine.

Brand Strategy

Pieces of cow meat cut and displayed in wood board

Who is the target user?

TS’s primary target users are mainly tourists. Hence, it is imperative to cater the services to a foreign audience. TS’s second target user is locals that enjoy high-end dinners.

What problem are we trying to solve?

TS needs to provide, mainly, an app that caters to a foreign audience. The main problem TS has is that ever since their primary audience is tourists, an app needs to be able for future customers to reserve their spot in the restaurant.

How are different?

TS caters to tourists and wishes to make a pleasant experience from the moment they download the app. The app should allow people to submit their orders ahead of time if they want to do so.

How do we want to be seen by users?

Unique, bold, and tasty.

User Pain Points

  • Restaurants in Argentina mostly just have websites in Spanish 
  • Very few restaurants offer online reservation
  • Very few restaurants in Argentina display their menu on their websites, and most of the time, they don’t include pictures
Picture of two older adults hugging and smiling at the camera
Set of 3 different Personas with different background colors and Tony Steakhouse logo

Target Audience

TS’s primary target audience is people visiting Buenos Aires and wants to experience a high-end traditional meal. A second target audience is locals that enjoy having meal downtown.Since TS is a reservation-only restaurant, it needs a user-friendly app.  The app should satisfy both target audiences. Hence, a multi-language app is a must.


Carolina Giacommo Persona information
Cameron Michaels Persona information

User Journey

Cameron Michaels User Journey


Chef decorating the presentation of a dish


Tony Steakhouse is a restaurant that provides high-end traditional Argentine meals. They cater mainly to tourists and additionally to locals that desire to have a fantastic dining experience.
To gather information about the competition, I separated them into two types: direct and indirect.For the direct competitors, I found similar Argentine steak house restaurants in downtown Buenos Aires, such as Cabana las Lilas, Steaks by Luis, Parrilla Don Julio, and La Cabana.
Here are the most relevant finds:  
    None of them provide phone apps  
    Most of them give only Spanish assistance  
    Most of them require reservations through a phone call
I based my research of indirect competitors on another touristic business that flourishes in Buenos Aires, Tango. The following businesses were indirect competitors: Luxury Rojo, El Mercado, Cafe de Los Angelitos, and Esquina Carlos Gardel.
The most relevant finds among these competitors were:  
    They all have booking services  
    They all provide descriptions in English  
    They all provide pictures of their services  
    None can be found in apps, nor do they have their own

User Flow

Tony Steakhouse user flow


Research Goals

Figure out how easily people can navigate through the app. We intend to see how easily people can make orders ahead of time, view items, and edit reservations.

Research Questions

How long does it take for someone to reserve a table?What can we learn from the steps users take to reserve a table and modify bookings?

Key Performance Indicators

Time on task
User error rates
Conversion rates

Picture of a person posing for a photo on a restaurant table
Picture of two people making cheers with a glass of white wine


Moderated usability study
Location: the United States and Argentina, remote (participants will go through the usability study in their own homes)
Sessions took place on July 25, July 26, July 30, and July 31, 2021
Five Participants completed booking a table through a prototype
Each session lasted 30 minutes and included an introduction, a list of tasks, and a short questionnaire


Two usability studies were performed remotely with participants from the US and Argentina.The first round was performed on July 25 and July 26, 2021. The study was done using the prototypes made in Figma.The second round of usability studies was made on July 30 and July 31, 2021. Insights and user pain points were taken from the first round to iterate over the design and re-test them.

Round 1 Key findings

Edit Reservation details were not so relevant
Customizing a reservation was hard
Viewing current reservations is hard

Round 2 Key findings

Not enough contrast
Hard to edit meals in the reservation tab
Prices should be upfront

Two people sitting at a table while carrying a conversation with wine
Mockups samples from before and after usability studies


Low-fidelity Designs

Tony steakhouse pen and paper set of wireframes
Tony Steakhouse home page digital wireframe
Tony Steakhouse reservation page digital wireframe
Tony Steakhouse reservation page digital wireframe

Low-fidelity Prototypes

Tony steakhouse prototype flow
Tony Steakhouse protoype

High-fidelity Designs

Tony Steakhouse home page mockup
Tony Steakhouse home page mockup
Tony Steakhouse reservation page mockup
Tony Steakhouse reservation page mockup

Low-fidelity Prototypes

Tony steakhouse high-fidelity prototype flow
Tony Steakhouse high-fidelity prototype mockup


Tony Steakhouse home page mockup

Final Thoughts

Tony Stake house was an exciting project that allowed me to integrate my psychology knowledge and UX concepts. Thanks to this project, I got certified in UX by Google.This project has taught me that good design requires a lot more than simply designing. It involves research, perseverance, and endurance. No design decision is random, and putting the user first to the front is a must when developing technologies.

Thank you for your time!

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